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An action-packed love story on the Mexican border featuring oppression, revenge, reincarnation and rebirth.

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original title: Death Calls

genge: Action,Adventure,Mystery,Romance,Thriller



duration: 1h 30min

tags: She fled for her life. Her dreams became nightmares.

budget: $290,000

keywords: rebirth, reincarnation, revenge, oppression, murder, illegalimmigrant, mystical, fbiagent, devil, copkiller, angelgabriel


































Christina was an illegal immigrant and on the run. Worse yet, she was on the run for murder. She had just shot a policeman, killed him in fact with another policeman's gun. Was it all real? She knew it was. She could hear them close behind, tramping through the forest. The sound of the dogs is echoing off of the dense woods. Her Heart is firing like a trip hammer in her chest. Blood courses through her like a raging river and she hears a voice calling as if through a wall. They were coming closer. Christina is on her feet and moving. They're right behind her. The world goes black and the dreams come. Christina wakes to find herself in a bed and in a mysterious cabin that is frighteningly familiar. She is also awakened to Gabriel, her enigmatic rescuer, a dark man, with a darker secret. Injured, frightened and alone, Christina stays with the mysterious stranger who both terrorizes and attracts her. Something about this man, his eyes, his voice, draws her closer to something she doesn't understand. And the voice through the wall is still calling. Yet now it's calling her name. With the police closing in on her and the mysterious and dangerous man, Gabriel constantly watching, Christina's world begins to unravel. Who is Gabriel and how does he know her. How long before the police found her? And yet that voice, that damnable voice, is still calling. And now something is trying to get in. The door is shaking uncontrollably as if about to be ripped from its hinges by an animal. What is happening? Christina reaches for the door. From the hyper-real to the liquid ethereal Christina enters a world beyond imagination. A Psychological horror, thriller, November Second will take your breath away and keep you guessing until the final seconds. A past you never lived, a future you can't imagine and a love beyond the reach of time, the day is coming: November Second. An action-packed love story on the Mexican border featuring oppression, revenge, reincarnation and rebirth.


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